Voodoo Blood

About the Competition

Indian Motorcycle® is staging a totally unique custom build competition that celebrates the builders who build because they’re passionate about motorcycles and not for the paycheck. 

The judges for this competition are some the biggest names in the industry including Roland Sands, Jason Paul Michaels, Jordan Mastagni and Satya Kraus. They’re looking for motorcycle builders with the vision, passion and talent to transform stock Scout Bobbers into bad ass pieces of  motorcycle art.

This competition isn’t for the pros but rather the novice garage wrench monkey that has a passion for these two wheeled machines. That’s why our founder, Brian thought his vision for a scout bobber would be the perfect fit for this competition. 

The three finalist will each receive a $10,000 build budget and a fresh 2018 Scout Bobber to serve as the ball of clay ready for sculpting. The winner takes home $10,000, a spread in Hot Bike Magazine and a trip to Minneapolis in July for a party where the new builds will be shown off. 

Brian has made it to the top 12 out of thousands of submissions. Now we need your vote. Check out his profile and vision art then go vote everyday till April 19th. 

The Build

Our goal is to respectfully strip the Scout Bobber to its soul, then
marry it to the raddest Bobber spirits of decades gone by – a
nostalgic yet forward-focused vision of design and technology.


Custom Rigid Blood Red Tube Frame
Girder Forks with Integrated 16” Apes
23” Wheels (front & rear)
Concealed Rear Air Ride
Custom 2-into-1 Exhaust
Belt to Chain Conversion
Rolled Steel, Leather & Bamboo Seat

Why should Brian be selected as a finalist?

I’ve been living with this build in my head for the past two weeks already
and I’m not slowing down while I anxiously wait to hear from you.
My Scout Sixty is my favorite bike I’ve ever owned. Being selected as a
finalist for this build-off will allow me to take everything I’ve dreamt of
doing and blow it out in one go. It may sound like a lot to do on a short
timeline, and perhaps not able to fit within the budget, but I’ve spent
every minute of the last two weeks making sure I can make this happen,
for both of us, within the constraints of the competition.
Why do I want this so bad?
My group, Brick City Moto, was started out of a passion to grow the moto
community in my area. I found there’s plenty of talent and shared
passion locally but you’ve got to give them a reason to get out of their
garage, a place to hang out and events to look forward to.
While the vintage chop-life culture seems to continue to gain ground, I
think it’s time to show these guys what can be done with a modern
platform. You don’t need to find a roach to build a coach. But… this has
got to blow everyone’s socks off in both modern technological beauty
and raw, vintage, slap-ya-in-the-face toughness.
That’s what I’m offering here. I love the bobber style and I’m tired of
seeing the same dead horse getting beat.
Let’s do something rad. When it rolls out, the phrase that will dominate
the press will be:
“Now that’s a fuckin’ Bobber.”
Brian Ragle,
Founder/Owner Trilogy Financial Group
Founder/Brick City Moto

Build Sponsors

This Is Not Possible Without Your Vote!

A big thanks to all of our build sponsors for committing to voting everyday till April 19th, 2018.

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