“Run to the Sun” Rats Hole Bike Show

We took second in the “Run to the Sun” Rats Hole Bike Show in Daytona over Bike Week. Our founder Brian Ragle volunteered to work for Indian of Daytona delivering bikes. what he didn’t expect was to walk away with 2nd place in the 1-1000 cc class.

Bike week was uncommonly cold this year however the sales at Indian of Daytona weren’t. If Brian assumed he was going to skate through the week playing with motorcycles and partying he couldn’t have been more wrong. After delivering well over 100 bikes Brian was surprised to find his fellow coworkers entered his bike in the Rat’s Hole bike show. He begrudgingly submitted and detailed his 2016 Indian Scout named Jinx and wheeled it to the line. His pals entered the bike in the bobber class. The judges quickly denied Brian’s entry due to the size of his tank. He needed a smaller tank for the bobber class. Brian eventually was entered in the 1-1000 cc which was stacked. He walked the bike to its place in the show and walked away thinking his friends had wasted their hard-earned money.

4 hours later the judges were ready to present. Brian earned a second place with a 60% completed build in the most stacked class. Needless to say, he’s been bitten by the build world and is ready to move on to another slightly different platform. After a quick celebration, Brian gave a shout out to his team, “I’m stoked for the award but I’m even more thankful for the help from Mitchell Brown, Andrew Csepany of ACE Fabrication and the rest of the Brick City Moto family. All of you have been extremely supportive of this build. I’m excited for what the future holds for our collective”

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