Nicole Green

The smell of the trees, the drastic changes in temperature and the overall heightened sense of being alive is what keeps me going back to motorcycles. We live in a time where the need to “unplug” is a necessity. So many of us long for adventure. Nicole is no different. Here’s the newest member of our two wheel family.


Rider: Nicole Green

Bike year and model: 2015 Triumph Bonneville

Purchased at: Ride Now Power Sports

Yrs. in Ocala: 31 yrs. Born and raised:)

Leather or denim: Leather

Favorite motorcycle: Any cafe racer style bikes, mainly Triumphs or Hondas. I also like classic Harley bobbers.


How long have you been riding?

About fives years ago I brought it up to a friend that we should get bikes and we just blew it off. This year she brought it up again and I said let’s do it! We are 30, our kids are getting older and we are more set in our careers. So I’ve only been riding for about six months. Happy 30th birthday to me!


Why do you ride?

I love the freedom and sense of adventure when it comes to riding. I like to get out in nature, explore places or different routes. When you’re on a bike nothing else matters, you just go.


You have serious artistic talent. Have you thought about transferring that creativity onto your Triumph?

Thank you. I’m glad you like my art! I have thought about it but I’d be too afraid to mess up my bike! Maybe if someone taught me more about painting “vehicles”. I have thought about painting leather bags and jackets, though.


Have you thought about painting custom helmets? (wink*)

I’d love to paint custom helmets! I need to research more about painting those types of surfaces and what products I need to get.


There has been a surge of female riders lately. It’s an exciting time for the industry. What do you think has contributed to this dramatic rise?

Why is there more women getting into motorcycles?

Because chicks make everything look cooler.


If you could be driving anywhere on your Triumph right now, where would you be?

That’s a tough one. I really want to travel all over. So maybe a full-on USA road trip with my buddies