All About the Crew

“Truly appreciate life and you’ll find that you have more of it.”

We don’t take for granted the natural beauty of the environment nor the power of the machines that power us through it.

We’re alive, want to spread it and hope you’ll join us.


Full-time married father of 3, business owner and moto lover. Our Founder.


Airport manager married to one beautiful woman and 3 vintage imports. Our Sage. Because he has grand-kids.


Tattooed, bearded and a little crazy. Our Web Developer and past-expiration beer drinker.


Married to 1, father to 1, rider of 1. Dude who knows what he likes. Our Editor.


Father of 1 handsome boy and a million beautiful ideas. Not sure if he sleeps. Ever. Our Fabricator.


Married father of 1. Brilliant engineering mind we never question because … facts. Our Consultant.